History of Department of Tourism Management Studies

Tourism is a fastest growing sector in the global economy, which offers wide opportunities to the candidates. Apart from other tourism courses,Kannur University has started a three year Graduate course in Business Administration with specialization in Travel and Tourism Management. In order to grapple this opportunity,ITM College of Arts and Science has started a UG course ,BBA TTM in the academic year 2012 with an intake of capacity of 42 students per year. The student community has accepted the course at the initial stage itself, because of elevated opportunities in tourism sector. Because of renowned faculties of management studies, the college was able to mould out Sadiya.K a second position in Kannur university examination in the year 2016,Suman Ameerudheen and Razalna P First and second position in the kannur university examination in the year 2019.

The Department of Management studies along with BBA TTM has also started to offer General BBA, from 2020 onwards. BBA is a replacement course for BBM which was in existence until 2014. It is a full time Bachelor's programme with a duration of 3 years with a maximum strength of 40 students.The course enhances to mould the students to equip with the innovative strategies in the world of business with regard to different aspects of management like Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Finance. The programme construct the students in building up strong leadership and management skills inorder to withstand with the busy business world.

We know that there is no extremity in the responsibility of the department.So still we continue a staunch of clump of faculties without any relinquish.